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Pre-Planning Services

During stressful times plans and wishes can be forgotten or confused, and while this is completely normal pre-planning gives you the ability to convey your wishes in writing so that everything will be carried out exactly as you would want them to happen.  Pre-Planning also takes some of the stress away from loved ones who otherwise would have to make these difficult decisions.  Done in a professional and light-hearted atmosphere we can help plan everything to make your wishes reality.

While so many of us ask big questions about what happens when we die, we often forget to ask questions that will capture the way we lived and help our friends and family celebrate our life and honor our memory.

Take time to think about the type of funeral and cemetery services that you would want to celebrate or otherwise memorialize your life. Consider the tone and atmosphere of the services. Are they somber? Traditional? Celebratory? Will they reflect your unique interests and personality? What will the experience be like for the guests in attendance?  Answering these questions will help you begin to make the funeral and cemetery selections that are right for you. 


We can guide you through what you need to know or you can fill out the attached pdf or doc to the left and bring it with you to make things easier on your family. 

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